Upcoming new book series from B.V. Bayly

The Golem’s Cypher is a new series from B.V. Bayly that takes place in a galaxy controlled by a powerful entity known as the Ascendency. Their rule governs all habitable planets and interstellar travel between them. A once famous Tracer known only as ‘The Golem’, was employed by the Ascendency, is now hunted throughout the galaxy; a million chronos┬áto anyone who can capture him.

Left to live on the run, Cadell jumps planet to planet, keeping out of the watchful eye of the Ascendency. He searches to discover an untold past – to find pieces of a life lived thousands of years before his own, fragments of a sentient being called T.R.I.X. She is Cadell’s past and future, the key to everything.